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the true taste, spirit and tradition of the finest Italian cuisine in Miami

An old colonial house that has been beautifully restored to retain the suggestive and fascinating atmosphere of other times; the sophisticated and vintage interior design, together with its historical architecture stand out in the modern and suburban MiMo district, one of the trendiest areas in Miami: this is Baiocco‘s calling card. Its floor and tables are in wood, seating up to 40 people, and there’s a wonderful terrace and a patio with snow white pillars and characteristic exposed brick work. The restyling aims to enhance the qualities of the original structure, one of the oldest in Miami, while introducing some typical elements of the Italian “Osteria”: a reminder of the traditional old shops of Central Italy. The design is embellished with a fine cutting-edge touch represented by the copper lights and sophisticated international details.

And at the heart of it all the healthy Italian way of life, the typical trademark of Founding Host David Ranucci‘s restaurants. He owns four in Milan alone, where he is famous for the atmosphere he has managed to create and for his incredible knowledge of the regional Italian cuisine, a passion he will bring to Miami. David is deeply in love with Italian cuisine: a passion that finds a perfect expression in his authentic recipes revisited with a touch of expert creativity. His staff is 100% Italian and his big kitchens see a lot of Romans at work: a patriotic choice meant to enhance the appeal that the “made in Italy”, especially in terms of lifestyle and food, has always had on American people and tourists from all over the world.
The menu features original Italian recipes and a selection of special dishes aimed at shedding light on regional cuisine, with a particular focus on the farming tradition of a few small areas of Central Italy, like Sabina and beautiful Tuscia, birthplace of the Ranucci family. All the ingredients are carefully and patiently selected: some from Italy, while others from local producers who are able to answer the need for quality and wholesomeness demanded by David’s gastronomic proposal.

The recipes are mainly drawn from Roman cuisine, with typical pasta dishes like “amatriciana”, “gricia”, “carbonara” and “cacio e pepe”, and from the strongly-flavoured Tuscan tradition.
The love for Central Italy’s ancient and folkloristic traits is to be also found in the name. The Baiocco was indeed an old silver coin, and the word was used in Rome until the 1960s to indicate abstract wealth or a generic price.
Osteria Baiocco invites you to come and dine in sunny and lively Miami, on the famous Biscayne Boulevard, in the creative and dynamic MiMo district. A new accomplishment, a new milestone, a new home where David Ranucci will welcome you with his warm smile and introduce you to the delicious flavours of the Italian cuisine.

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All day from 5:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Closed on tuesday
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