Osteria Baiocco

Flavors and traditions of Italian cuisine in Miami

An old colonial house that has been beautifully restored to preserve the charming atmosphere of yesteryear.
The sophisticated and vintage interior design, together with its historic architecture, stand out in the modern and suburban MiMo neighborhood, one of the trendiest areas in Miami.
This is Baiocco’s business card!

The floor and tables are made of wood. There is a charming terrace and a patio with white pillars and exposed brick.
The restyling aims to enhance the qualities of the original structure, one of the oldest in Miami, and add some typical elements of the Italian Osteria, with a reference to the “old shop” of Central Italy.

At the center, David Ranucci, Founding Host, who believes in the healthy Italian lifestyle, that distinguishes his restaurants. He owns five restaurants in Milan, where he is famous for the atmosphere he has managed to create and for his incredible knowledge of regional Italian cuisine, a passion he has decided to bring to Miami.

With Baiocco, David Ranucci wants to ensure respect for the Italian tradition of hospitality and healthy “home cooking”, while not disdaining some reinterpretation and innovation of historical regional dishes.
The menu offers original Italian recipes and a selection of dishes aimed at shedding light on regional cuisine, with particular attention to the peasant tradition of some areas of central Italy.
All ingredients are carefully and patiently selected. Some come directly from Italy, others from local producers who are able to meet the quality requirements for David Ranucci’s gastronomic proposal.

The love for the ancient and folkloric features of Central Italy is also found in the choice of the name Baiocco.
The Baiocco was an old silver coin minted in the 15th century in Rome.
The term “baiocco” was then used in Rome until 1960 to indicate abstract wealth or a generic price.

Osteria Baiocco invites you to enjoy a delicious dinner in the sunny and glamorous Miami, on the famous Biscayne Boulevard, in the creative and dynamic MiMo district.
A new goal, a new home, where David Ranucci will welcome you and introduce you to the unique flavors of Italian cuisine.

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    1 DECEMBER 2023