by chef Gianluca Messano

  • Special of the Day
    Pumpkin Ravioli in butter and sage sauce18 $
    • $30 Four Course Special
      choose 1 appetizer, 1 pasta, 1 main course and 1 dessert from our regular menu

Gli antipasti

  • Supplì al Telefono
    2 soft rice balls filled with mozzarella cheese5 $
    • Burrata
      Classic Burrata cheese with tomatoes and arugula8 $
      • Millefoglie di Zucchine
        Zucchini parmigiana, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and basil8 $
        • Carciofi saltati
          Sauteed artichokes with shaved pecorino cheese8 $

La pasta fatta in casa

  • Lasagna della Nonna
    Beef ragu, tomato and bechamel sauce12 $
    • fettuccine all’antica
      Egg pasta with meat sauce12 $
      • Bombolotti alla gricia
        Pork cheek, onion, pecorino cheese, black pepper12 $
        • Rigatoni all’amatriciana
          tomato sauce and pork guanciale12 $
          • spaghetti Cacio e Pepe
            Pecorino cheese and black pepper12 $
            • paccheri carciofi e pecorino
              Fresh pasta with artichokes and pecorino cheese12 $

I secondi piatti

  • Polpette al Sugo
    Chef's secret homemade meatball recipe with roasted potatoes16 $
    • Straccetti di manzo
      Shredded beef sauteed with rosemary balsamic vinegar served with arugula salad18 $
      • Fettina Panata
        Breaded beef milanese with arugula and cherry tomatoes19 $
        • Pesce del giorno
          fresh catch of the day18 $ - 24 $
        • I contorni

          • Patate al forno
            Roasted potatoes6 $

I dolci

  • Salame al Cioccolato
    dark chocolate salami roll with crumbled biscuits5 $
    • Torta al cioccolato
      3 lavyer chocolate fudge cake5 $
      • Torta di Nocciole
        chocolate sponge cake with hazelnut mousse and crunchy biscuits5 $

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